What is Rev?

Rev is a transcription solution that offers a platform wherein you and your team can upload or link your audio and video files. The team behind this platform then takes your files for transcription, which lasts 12 hours on standard delivery. Transcription is a widely sought-after service and, as such, Rev can provide its services to those within the media, education, legal, and marketing fields among many others. This platform can transcribe interviews, lectures, depositions, and phone calls. You can also send them recordings of your sermons, podcasts, and even therapy sessions. Given that some of your audio may contain sensitive information, Rev offers bank-level security and encryption to protect both your recordings and your transcripts. Furthermore, this platform comes equipped with a call and voice recorder apps. Finally, transcriptions may be verbatim with timestamps.


The main benefits of Rev are extensive file support, mobile recorders, and fast and accurate delivery.

Extensive File Support

Rev is a voice to text software that features extensive file support that allows you to upload audio and video recordings. From MP3 to VOP, WMV, and AAC among others, you won’t have to worry about whether or not this platform can support your files. Beyond audio and video files, Rev also allows you to send them links to your recordings. This feature ensures that you have access to this platform’s services regardless of whether you have files or links to your recordings.

Mobile Recorders

Beyond extensive file support, Rev also provides mobile app recorders. First, you can get their call recorder app from the App Store, which enables you to record not just outgoing and incoming calls but also phone interviews and meetings. For face-to-face interactions, Rev also offers a voice recorder app for both iOS and Android smartphones. You can use this app to edit your recordings and send them to the vendor for transcription.

Fast and Accurate Delivery

With more than 50,000 professionals on their network, Rev ensures that the delivery of your transcriptions is within 12 hours for less than 30 minutes of audio. This platform also supports rush deliveries at 4 hours for the aforementioned audio and video duration. You can also request to have your transcriptions in verbatim, which includes every syllable within the recording.

Speech-to-text Service

Rev provides professional transcription, closed captioning, and foreign subtitling services on demand, both manually and automatically. The speech-to-text app has over 170,000 customers, ranging from independent journalists to multinational organizations. Rev can grow to suit any customer’s needs and process more audio/video than any other service.

Pricing is basic, with automatic speech-to-text services at $0.25 per audio/video minute and human speech-to-text services at $1.25 per minute with 99 percent accuracy. Rev.ai is a voice recognition engine that corporations may use if they ask for it.

Meeting notes, phone conversations, interviews, film production and screenplay editing, lectures, and more may all be captured using Rev Automated Transcription. The following are some of the key advantages:

  • Play and modify transcripts while listening to or watching audio or video and change the playback speed to go at one’s leisure.
  • With color confidence scores, users may see exactly where the voice recognition engine may not have properly transcribed anything, allowing them to focus on editing.
  • Customize time stamps for no additional charge.
  • Easily distinguish between various speakers and alter their names.
  • Rev’s desktop program allows you to search, comment on, organize, and share transcripts.
  • Final draughts can be saved as Word, TXT, PDF, srt, or vtt files.